Audra Bucklin

Welcome Back Blackhawks!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I know several folks were under the weather with so much going around, the Flu, RSV, and Covid seem to be everywhere. I’m so sorry for those of you who were sick over the holiday. I’ve been so impressed by the students and staff who voluntarily wear masks due to cold symptoms or close exposure to one of the above ailments. Between masks, lots of handwashing, and staying home when symptoms are severe, hopefully, we can keep the germs at bay over the next three and a half weeks until the winter holiday break. 


I’m sure several folks have noticed the tree painted on the wall just outside of the library, in our main lobby. Mrs. Foley had the idea of creating the tree last spring, as a way to recognize various seasons, themes, and initiatives across the community. She spoke with Leah and Janna about the idea and the next thing we knew, Leah had painted us a tree. As students and staff returned to school this fall, they were greeted by a very full tree with a leaf or apple for every student and staff. From October into November, students created fall leaves with a special word of gratitude or thanks to a member of our community. Members of the student council collected the leaves and, during our November assembly, they drew three leaves and read what they said. The following members of our community were all recognized for their kind acts:

Nola Jordan (Grade 5)

Finn Lewis (Grade 5)

Mrs. Beloin (Paraprofessional - 2nd Grade)

This week, I will share a special treat with each of their classes. 

Next up, each homeroom will be working on snowflakes. Students and staff will create a snowflake and share something that makes them unique, just as every snowflake is unique. We look forward to our next drawing in January. It will be a great way to celebrate the importance of diverse interests, abilities, and characteristics within our community and world. 


Thanks to all who have completed the FAST participant survey. If you haven’t yet done so, there’s still time. Please help your child(ren) make selections no later than Friday, December 16.    GO TO SIGN UP FORM

Please read the instructions carefully. Based on student, parent, teacher, and board feedback, we’ve added options, including at least one (swimming) that charges a fee.  We have access to funds, both through the school and through private funds, to make sure all students can take advantage of the opportunity to pursue their interests with friends and classmates regardless of current financial circumstances. This includes purchasing or leasing of equipment as needed. For example, skating is free but if your child needs skates and it’s not in the budget right now, we can access funds. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Felecia Foley ( or to inquire about available funds.


This Friday marks the end of the first trimester. Teachers have been busy at work learning to use Alma to produce uniform, online report cards. On December 16, you will get your child(ren)’s report card via email and will also be able to log into your child’s Alma account to view the report card. Stay tuned for more information.

In the meantime, it’s a relatively quiet week as we settle back into our school routine. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!



29     K to 4 School Sing – 8 am Lobby – Parents/Guardians Welcome



2      End of 1st Trimester

6      K to 4 School Sing – 8 am Lobby – Parents/Guardians Welcome

7      PES School Board Meeting, 5:30 pm – Music Room

13      K to 4 School Sing – 8 am Lobby – Parents/Guardians Welcome

13 PTA Parent Forum 6:00 PM – Music Room – Babysitting Available

14 Professional Development Committee Meeting – 3:10 to 4:30 - Library

14  Winter Band and Chorus Concert – 6:00 pm

14 Dress Rehearsal with All School Assembly (Kindness through Generosity) - 1:00 pm

15    Upper Grades Spelling Bee, 1:15 pm

15 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Meeting – 5:30 pm - Music Room

16    Report Cards Sent Home

16 FAST Sign-ups Due

19 Wellness Committee Meeting – 3:10 to 4:30 pm

20      K to 4 School Sing – 8 am Lobby – Parents/Guardians Welcome

21-30   Holiday Break