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Plainfield Elementary School Vision Statement

"PES is a community school that is committed to student growth and achievement through a rigorous education that reflects the New England values of sustainability, integrity, ingenuity, collaborative spirit and stewardship of the natural environment."

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meriden, NH

Plainfield Elementary School
92 Bonner Road
Meriden, NH 03770

Life at Plainfield Elementary School

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Staff Testimonials

Mindy Taber

Mindy Taber- ¾ Multi-grade Teacher

PES Employee 1996-2024

I joined the Plainfield School community in 1996 as a multi-grade teacher and coach. I grew up in town and went to Plainfield School from 1st - 8th grade. It was exciting to come back to the school that I loved so much as a student. It is a nurturing environment where everybody knows the students and cares deeply about each individual. We are lucky to be surrounded by hiking trails, fields, forests, and a stream that borders the school property. Many classes take advantage of our beautiful outdoor space to integrate different curriculums and provide a place-based education. Plainfield School is an amazing place to work!

Plainfield School