Library Class Curriculum


The library knowledge and skills curriculum is designed to support students in their growth as readers and information users. Library lessons are often correlated to classroom content area lessons. The curriculum is based on the American Association of School Library Learning Standards.

In library class, students in K/1 practice pre-reading and early reading skills of making meaning from pictures, making connections and predictions during read alouds, story structure, and accessing and evaluating just-right books. Students will also study genres of fiction and nonfiction. Second grade students start the year exploring chapter books then they are introduced to the research process with a small project. Students in grades 3/4 through 8 will learn and apply the research process in a variety of projects.

Technology Integration

All students have access to an iPad or a Chromebook. The role of educational technology is to support the learning process with resources and tools for teachers and learners to access materials and produce evidence of learning. Good digital citizenship is of the utmost importance and integrated into all tech lessons.


Students do not receive a grade for library class. Students are observed to assess the the mastery of knowledge and skills needed to access information resources in the library and online. All assessments are formative performance tasks.