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Plainfield Elementary School Vision Statement

PES is a community school that is committed to student growth and achievement through a rigorous education that reflects the New England values of sustainability, integrity, ingenuity, collaborative spirit and stewardship of the natural environment.

Dear Students & Caregivers,

Together with your teachers and staff, I look forward to making the 2021/2022 school year one of our best years yet! Last year the School Board adopted the SAU 32 Strategic Plan outlining a variety of initiatives in the following Focus Areas:

  • Personnel

  • Student Growth

  • Culture and Climate

  • Facilities

  • Governance

  • Community

After a thoughtful review and reflection of the strategic plan, the PES staff identified "Culture and Climate" and "Student Growth" as areas of particular focus for the 21/22 academic year. The plan states:

"The Plainfield School District will create and maintain a school culture and climate that celebrates diversity, encourages thoughtful experimentation, rewards collaboration, and promotes open communication between students, staff and community members."

In particular, as we come back together more fully as a community, PES Staff understand the timing is right to focus energy and attention to Strategic Initiative 1: "Foster an environment that encourages thoughtful exploration, trial and error, tenacity, risk taking and reflection."

We learned a lot about exploration, trial and error, tenacity, risk taking and reflection last year and we look forward to organizing ourselves, together with our students, parents and greater community, to take on the following Action Items throughout this year:

  • Implement student-led parent/teacher conferences for grades 5-8.

  • Redesign report cards and reporting processes to reflect communication of a student’s progress with these values

  • Continue the development of digital portfolios for all students as a capstone celebration.

In addition, we will continue and deepen our work on Student Growth as related to "Developing and Articulating a school-wide, student-centered curriculum." (Strategic Initiative 1) and "Developing, articulating and implementing a comprehensive program to support the social-emotional growth of every student." (Strategic Initiative 3)

Specific Action Items we are working on related to these initiatives include:

  • Reengaging in and more clearly defining our curriculum articulation and review processes.

  • Supporting our entire faculty to design learning that results in every student, regardless of how differently we all learn, to become expert learners. (This is a continuation of our work with the NH DOE and CAST as detailed below. Covid slowed us down with this initiative but we are still very much committed to the framework and goals of the partnership.)

  • Continue and deepen our THRIVE (Trust, Honesty, Respect, Independence, Voice and Empathy) social emotional learning framework including exploration and identification of effective teaching and feedback strategies for each grade level.

As we embark on this journey together this year, we will certainly be reaching out to both students and parents for participation and input. I will be updating the board throughout the year and will post my monthly reports on our progress on this page.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions, suggestions or feedback related to this work.


Audra Bucklin, Principal

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