Audra Bucklin

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Whenever I am asked to share my favorite holiday, it is without hesitation that I respond, “Thanksgiving.” Family and friends gathering to share moments of gratitude and eat delicious food…what’s not to love? This year I am reminded that holidays are not always happy for everyone. It can be a tough time for those remembering lost loved ones, struggling financially, or separated from family and friends they hold dear. When this is the case, the power of community is especially important. We talked at the assembly on Friday about the many things for which  we are grateful and how good it feels to help others. We also talked about the importance of being someone who asks for help when needed. It’s reciprocity, being willing to give and to receive, that weaves together. By asking for help when we need it, our community actually becomes stronger. 


We were in awe of the number of volunteers who showed up for fingerprinting. This includes community members who are signing up to read with our students. While it may seem pretty basic, spending time reading, to and with our children is critically

Important to their development and success - not just in Language Arts, but in every subject. 

I recently read an article posted by Edutopia, that reminded me we are never too old to be read to! As we seek to address Covid loss and make sure we are doing all we can to set our students up for success we really appreciate your help to model and support curiosity, critical thinking and  a love of learning and reading simply by sitting down to read and/or talk about a book together..


We are pleased to share this year’s FAST program selection form. Please read the instructions carefully. Based on student, parent, teacher, and board feedback, we’ve added options, including at least one (swimming) that charges a fee.  We have access to funds, both through the school and through private funds, to make sure all students can take advantage of the opportunity to pursue their interest with friends and classmates regardless of current financial circumstances. This includes purchase or leasing of equipment as needed. For example, skating is free but if your child needs skates and it’s not in the budget right now, we can access funds. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Felecia Foley ( or to inquire about available funds.

In the meantime, please help your child(ren) make selections no later than Friday, December 16.    GO TO SIGN UP FORM


The school has just received a supply of free COVID test kits.  With the upcoming holidays we want students, and families, to remain healthy and happy.  Any family who would like a small supply of COVID tests for use over the holiday break are welcome to stop by the school and get some from Nurse Beth.

Our student flu clinic was held on Friday and 100% of students who were signed up by families and present in school on Friday, plus a handful of staff members, were vaccinated.  Families of students who received the flu vaccine on Friday should check their student’s backpack for a vaccination card.


Information about our spring musical was sent home with all students in grades 5 to 8. We are so excited to welcome the Drama Club back this year. I hear we are in for a treat thanks to the dynamic duo of Samantha Davidson Greene and Brenda Chien! 


I speak for all of us here at PES when I share these words of thanks. We truly value partnering with you and feel very supported in our work as educators.


21 Safety Committee Meeting – 3:15 pm - Library

22      K to 4 School Sing – 8 am Lobby – Parents/Guardians Welcome

23-25   Thanksgiving Break

29     K to 4 School Sing – 8 am Lobby – Parents/Guardians Welcome


2      End of 1st Trimester

6      K to 4 School Sing – 8 am Lobby – Parents/Guardians Welcome

7      PES School Board Meeting, 5:30 pm – Music Room

13      K to 4 School Sing – 8 am Lobby – Parents/Guardians Welcome

13 PTA Parent Forum 6:00 PM – Music Room – Babysitting Available

14 Professional Development Committee Meeting – 3:10 to 4:30 - Library

14  Winter Band and Chorus Concert – 6:00 pm

14 Dress Rehearsal with All School Assembly (Kindness through Generosity) - 1:00 pm

15    Upper Grades Spelling Bee, 1:15 pm

15 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Meeting – 5:30 pm - Music Room

16    Report Cards Sent Home

16 FAST Sign-ups Due

19 Wellness Committee Meeting – 3:10 to 4:30 pm

20      K to 4 School Sing – 8 am Lobby – Parents/Guardians Welcome

21-30   Holiday Break