3-4 Tree Unit 1

¾ Science Unit 

In the first couple weeks of school, the ¾ classes have been working on an extensive plant, seeds, and tree unit. This has allowed us to see some incredible changes in the trees around us! You may have noticed us walking outside comparing seeds, leaves, and trees. We have been scavenging for different types of seeds near our school. We sorted and identified the seeds into groups. We traveled to the brook to find hitchhiker seeds and even brought some back stuck to us!  We have loved utilizing the outdoor space around the school and we have learned so much about the environment around us. We investigated the trees near our classrooms looking at the bark, leaves, and roots. We also created dances to show the different stages of a tree’s life cycle, and created our own “tree cookies” to show our lives. With our plants, seeds, and trees unit we were also able to have the 4 Winds group come in and teach us about leaf cutters! As a culminating activity students have been painting a tree in the four different seasons and writing descriptive language for a Sky Tree book.