SAU 32

School Board Meetings- ZOOM LINK

Meeting ID: 879 1742 6732

Passcode: 538698

Asbestos Management Plan

The asbestos management plan for the Plainfield School District as required by the asbestos hazard response act, Rule 40 CFR. Part 763.93 is available for public inspection at the office of Superintendent of Schools, Plainfield School District, 92 Bonner Road, Meriden, NH

Explanation of Schools

Plainfield Elementary School

Plainfield students attend Plainfield Elementary School (PES) for Kindergarten through Grade 8. This is SAU 32.

Lebanon High School

Plainfield students attend Lebanon High School (LHS) through an Authorized Regional Enrollment Area (AREA) agreement with the Lebanon School District ( SAU 88 ).


Employment Opportunities