Jen Culligan

Teacher Contact Information

(603) 469-3250 x 239

I communicate with parents via email. I am also happy to text or have phone conversations.


Reading: Read at least 20 minutes each night.

Spelling: Practice spelling on a piece of paper and verbally.

Math: Occasional unfinished work from class.

Science/Social Studies: Occasional work related to what we are doing in class.


Daily Schedule

8:00-8:20 Morning Meeting

8:20-9:15 Language Arts

9:15-9:50 Snack

9:50-10:40 Math

10:40-11:25 WIN

11:30-12:00 Lunch

12:00-12:25 Recess

12:25- 1:05 Silent reading/read aloud

1:05-1:50 UA

1:50-2:35 Science/SS

2:50 Dismissal

Unified Arts Schedule

Monday: Band/Art

Tuesday:Yoga /PE

Wednesday: Music/H3

Thursday: PE

Friday: Library/Chorus

Welcome 3/4 Multi-Grade Families,

We are very excited to meet your third or fourth graders. Many of the families might be new to the multi-grade experience. We wanted to let you know a little bit about it before school starts.

We are entering our twelfth year of combining third and fourth graders at PES. We are on a two year curriculum cycle so that all the students receive the third grade and fourth grade curriculum over the span of the two years. Even though the grades were separated last year, we are still on track for the two year cycle of curriculum and nobody will be repeating lessons or missing content. All subject areas are differentiated within the classroom for both grade levels and individual students. The students will stay with their homeroom teacher for most of the day. They are split into grade level math groups to support our math program. There will be two third grade math classes and two fourth grade math classes. This may be the one subject for which your child might have a different teacher. We will go into more detail about the curricula and how the multi-grade works at Curriculum Night.

For 3/4 C, students can bring in a pencil box or pencil case. This will help them keep things organized in their desks. All other school items are suppled. I also request for students to have indoor shoes. This can be any kind of soft shoe with a sole. Crocs are a good example. The dollar store also has many affordable varieties. This helps to keep feet dry during the day and the classroom clean.

Please look for a letter from me in the packet that comes home on the first day. This will have information on the Unified Arts (UA) schedule for the class and other important information.

The 3/4 Team ~

Mindy Taber

Jen Culligan

Haley Evans