Fifth to Eighth Grade Curriculum


What Is A Ripple Journal?

One Trusted Adult’s Ripple Journals are a personal reflection tool, a wellness curriculum, and a leadership workbook, all in one!

Young people who open their pages will experience encouragement for honest self-reflection and discovery, skills for decision making and problem solving, as well as inspiration and ideas for making positive community-wide impact!

Why Ripple Journals? Innovative Curriculum Design

Our journals provide students with skills and prompts for connecting with trusted adults.

  • Designed to be unique and fun, these activity books are meant to be used throughout the school year in the classroom and beyond.

  • Themes, activities, and lessons address the universal, developmental needs of youth.

  • Our first journal (we’re launching 3 more soon!) is 120 pages long, full color, and meant to be written in.

  • The journals encourage discussion and connection.

  • The content supports Common Core ELA standards prompting students to read, ask questions, problem-solve, communicate, and think deeply and critically.

Why Ripples??

Designed to be youth-friendly, our journals urge young people to pay attention to their “ripple” where each circle represents their unique strengths, preferences, and personality.

Meet the Ripple Circles

Solo Circle:

In the first section young people explore and assess their personal wellness and individual strengths, covering topics such as Personal Investigation, Intuition, Self-Attention, Mindset, Messaging, and Critical Thinking.

Inner Circle:

In the second section young people investigate and evaluate their relationships and connections, covering such topics as Belonging, Energy, Friendship, Upstandership, and Gratitude.

Outer Circle:

In the final section young people examine and explore their potential positive impact, service, and influence on others, covering such topics as Community, Teamwork, Communication, Leadership, and Goal Setting.

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